A request for help from the parents of two home educated children.


I love the idea of grace. This picture was taken minutes after a summer storm. That such beauty, peace and grace can come from turbulence and violence is astonishing

Nature can trach us so much.

Where do you find grace.

I am on a 60 Day In Home Wellness Retreat. Come with me!

After Delhi and Steubenfield: how to help victims of rape.

What do you do when someone you know has been raped?

What do you say?

How do you help?

In the aftermath of the coverage of the rape of the medical student in Delhi, India, and the high school student in Steubenville, Ohio, I have asked myself this question many times.

Here is my answer:


President Obama wrote a book about audacity.

Trail blazing men and women have been doing it for years.

In the fast paced world of the 21st century, it has become a necessary attribute.

But what does it mean to be audacious in today’s world?  Are there any conventions left worthy of defying?  Are there any ceilings left to break through?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and have come to the conclusion that we need audacious women now more than ever before.

What do you think:


To think of England is to think of many things – history, Shakespeare, the Royal Family, bad teeth and fish & chips.

I have lived on this big tiny island for almost 10 years and I have fallen in love with many things about this place, but maybe not what one might expect.

Here is my top 10 Things I Love About Living In England. Would you add anything else? Leave a comment!

10 Things I Love About Living in England

Naming our foremothers is a special gift.

I imagine sometimes what it would be like to stand with my foremothers – my grandmother, my great grandmother, and my great grandmother.  They were all born in different lands, two on the Indian subcontinent, one in Scotland.  What were their stories?

What wisdom did they learn in their years of immigration, war, and colonialism?

What did was their experience of motherhood like?  Of being working women? Wives? People in their own right?

I came across an amazing picture by an Australian photographer that inspired me to not only know my own foremothers, but to hope that one day, I live to see and hold my great granddaughter in my arms.

Can you even imagine?

To see this photograph, click on the link.  And please leave a comment!



The experience of being the parent of a child on the autism spectrum is well documented.  I often write about my own experience of this.

What is not written about nearly as much is the experiences of women on the autism spectrum.  There are many autistic mothers out there with varying levels of disability – some are not disabled at all, in so far as being on the spectrum does not limit their ability to live a normal life.

I would class myself in this category – on the spectrum but not overly disabled.  And yet, my experience of motherhood is different from someone who is neurotypical.  Here are my thoughts as my youngest reaches his first birthday:


Motherhood has been used as a method of opression of women for millenia. But every now and then, a group of uppity women will stand in solidarity and turn that dynamic on its head. Motherhood ceases to oppress and becomes a means of resistance and liberation.

In the 3rd installment of the Audacious
Foremothers series we look at how one group of women spoke truth to power and won.


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